Next chapter
and do the work that gives you meaning, freedom and joy
Perhaps this sounds familiar...
You know that you are here for a reason, you want to create impact, enjoy your work and create abundance in your life, yet something is holding you back
You are not sure what your next professional move should be, and the current setup is not satisfying anymore
You want clarity on your soul's purpose, and you've tried searching for it, but this question keeps coming back
You second-guess yourself, feel confused and stuck
You are ready to pivot in your career and live your most joyful expression
How the program works:
  • 3-6 MONTHS
    The program is custom to your pace and schedule, so it might take anywhere between 3 and 6 months.
  • 12 ONE-ON-ONEs
    Every week (or every other week) we'll meet via Zoom for our one-on-one session (sessions usually last 1 hour).
    The program is completely personalized to you to get you where you need to go, yet you feel that there is science as well as art.
    Between our meetings, you will receive unlimited support and feedback via chat.
    The program has a pace, yet it is flexible enough where you can take a break.
    Next Chapter will be the force that propels you forward and helps you stay focused.
Your guide
Elena Ferranto - purpose coach and business mentor

  • California-based, working globally
  • Heart centered entrepreneur, author, speaker
  • MBA, BA Linguistics/Communication
  • I'm no stranger to career transitions (from Director of Strategy in a multi-million creative agency that I helped build being the empoyee #3 to a partner in a mission-driven travel startup featured in Forbes, BBC, National Geographic, The Guardian, etc. and into entrepreneurship with multiple online products, programs and partnerships
  • Helped hundreds of women overcome doubt, gain confidence and make important steps towards their dreams through my transformational programs
  • Author of a self-published book (nearly 1,000 hard copies sold)
  • Mother of a very special human
  • Traveler who lived in 8 countries
I believe and I know that Your work can be meaningful, enjoyable and profitable
I know what traps you might encounter on your quest of finding what it looks like &
I know what to do about them
As we work together you will...
Find your WHYs
You'll finally have an opportunity to go deep and figure out "what you really want". With tried and tested tools and a mix of modalities, you'll get a completely new understanding of self that will become a very strong foundation for the rest of your life.
You'll define your WHAT
We'll work through the things that hold you back. You'll discover your professional trajectory, your "what's next," and will be able to move ahead sharing your gifts with this world instead of being stuck.
You'll get clarity on your HOW
How to start and get traction? How to avoid roadblocks? How not to fall for the same traps? Next Chapter is a one-on-one high touch support where we combine art and science, the intangible with very practical. We systematically move, step-by-step taking into account your uniqueness and soul-level and mindset work.
Let's do this!
3 payments of $990 (every 2 months),
or one payment of $2,500 (you save $470)
By submitting this form and making your payment on the following page you agree to the following Service Agreement (please retain for your records).