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A few words about me
  • My name is Elena
  • California-based, working globally
  • MBA, BA Linguistics/Communication
  • Heart centered entrepreneur, author, coach, mentor with 15+ years of experience in product, marketing and strategy and 5+ years in the coaching world (business + emotions, mindset and soul work)
  • Helped build one of the top agencies in the travel vertical (employee #3) into a successful multi-million dollar business with 40+ employees
  • Built multiple products and transformational programs including an impact travel marketplace featured in Forbes, BBC, National Geographic and The Guardian
  • Helped hundreds of women overcome doubt, gain confidence and make important steps towards their dreams through my coaching programs and products
  • Author of a self-published book (nearly 1,000 hard copies sold)
  • Mother of two very special humans
  • Traveler who lived in 8 countries