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Where else can people find you online?
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Are you ok with using Telegram messenger as part of our work in between sessions?
If Telegram is not your jam, what messenger(s) do you prefer to use instead?
What are the best days/times of day for you to have our weekly session?
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What kind of business are you in?
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How long have you been in this business?
Is this business full time or part time for you?
If it is part time, what else do you do?
On average, how much revenue are you currently making in your business each month?
What is your next level monthly income goal?
(number that might not be your ultimate goal, but that will allow you to be free of financial insecurity, go at it full time (if not currently) and give you next level abundance).
What do you believe is holding you back from getting to the next level?
Where do your clients currently come from?
How many clients on average do you have at any given month?
How long do you usually work with clients for?
(e.g. 6 months, or 5 sessions, annual retainer, etc).
Do you communicate regularly with your audience either by email or on social media? If so, share what you do.
What is your mailing list size right now? (if any)
What is your experience with launching?
Have you ever launched anything or tried to launch? Share your story.
What are the top 3 things you want to do or learn as a result of our work together?
What is your overall level of energy at the moment?
1 - No energy, constantly tired; 10 - I am a rocket! No stopping me.