for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches and experts
Hi, I'm Elena
holistic business coach and mentor
Through my Business Accelerator with Soul I help mission-driven entrepreneurs, coaches and experts create a sustainable business they love so that they can do it full-time and have more impact, freedom and joy in their life.

Together we’ll work on growing your business while keeping your inner gremlins (who doesn’t have them?!) in check.
"Within 6 months I launched my first signature coaching program, signed new clients and set a new record of making 14k from coaching in 2 weeks. I feel confident to continue on this path."
Shea Petaja, life coach
Running a business is a mix of art and science. Not only there is the craft side (serving your clients), but the business side (where does that next client come from?). There is a lot of noise out there on what you can be doing and when, which is overwhelming enough. Add your own mind full of self doubt, and no wonder it is harder than it can be.

If you’re on your own without support, it's easy to hit speed bumps, get side-tracked or run into roadblocks. I've been there... I made a ton of mistakes, I tried to figure it out all by myself, I lost focus and got distracted, so I totally get you!

With support it's easier to gain momentum and enjoy the process. The Business Accelerator with Soul is that one-on-one high touch support where we design/fine-tune your business processes and get your business aligned with your values and desired lifestyle. We do it systematically, step-by-step, with soul and strong mindset work.
How Accelerator works:
The program is custom to your pace and schedule, so it might take anywhere between 6 and 12 months to build out all the systems.
Depending on your pace we'll meet via Zoom for our one-on-one sessions 1-2 times/month (they usually last 1 hour).
The program is completely personalized to you to get you where you need to go, yet you feel that there is science as well as art.
Between our meetings, you will receive unlimited support via chat and feedback on everything you create during the program (from website copy to email sequences)
You will save yourself a ton of time by having sample interview questions, outreach scripts, discovery call scripts, service agreement templates, intake forms and more!


Accelerator will be the force that propels you forward and helps you stay focused. I will guide you gently but firmly to stay on task and hold you accountable to take action.

A few words about me:
  • California-based, working globally
  • Heart centered entrepreneur, author, coach, mentor
  • MBA, BA Linguistics/Communication
  • Helped build one of the top agencies in the travel vertical from scratch (employee #3) into a successful multi-million dollar business with 40+ employees (Director of Strategy, Director of Product and Innovation)
  • Built multiple products and transformational programs in several languages including an impact travel marketplace featured in Forbes, BBC, National Geographic and The Guardian
  • Helped hundreds of women overcome doubt, gain confidence and make important steps towards their dreams through my coaching programs and courses
  • Author of a self-published book (1,000+ hard copies sold)
  • Mother of two very special humans
  • Traveler who lived in 8 countries
Alumni stories:

Shea P.
Coach, speaker
Initial objectives:
"I met Elena at the perfect time. My day job was coming to an end and the dream of becoming a full-time coach was becoming a reality. I just couldn't see how to get from here to "there". Her international life experience paired with her career in strategy gave me confidence that she could help!"

Overall take on the program:
"Elena has a breadth of understanding in the world of coaching saving me from many costly mistakes. That being said, if you're looking to transition your in-person coaching into a full-time online program to support your lifestyle, talk to Elena!"

What was one tangible/measurable result that showed up for you during our work together?
"Within 6 months I launched my first signature coaching program, signed new clients and set a new record of making 14k from coaching in 2 weeks. I feel confident to continue on this path."

Maria К.
Psychologist, Belgium
Starting point:
"The year before I joined Elena's Accelerator program was a very hard year for me. I had this feeling that something was missing from my life, but I wasn't clear what it was. Embarking on the Accelerator journey with Elena helped me get back to myself in this difficult time."

Overall take on the program:
"Simply put, Accelerator with a Soul is an incredible program. It is very holistic and logical with great structure, yet it is also very personal and warm.

On one hand, Elena knows exactly where she is taking her clients based on the roadmap. On the other hand, she considers individual situation and customises for each person and their particular personality, life and business.

On top of business knowledge, I received a very strong emotional support, which helped me move forward even when I hit speed bumps on the road. There were several times when I was doubting my business and myself, but Elena's words and feedback literally brought smile back to my face as well as confidence that I can do it.

When thinking of Accelerator, a metaphor of a bird comes to mind. This bird feeds its baby and then teaches it to fly. The bird gives her baby exactly what it needs without overloading with information and things to do, so that the baby bird can digest it. And then it teaches its offsprings to peek their heads out of the nest and fly on their own while encouraging and stretching them with more advanced tasks as needed."

What was one tangible/measurable result that showed up for you during our work together?
"Accelerator opened up a whole new world for me. With Elena's help I was able to define what my next level looks like and how to make it happen. Aside from all the great knowledge that I received, I accomplished so many things in real life, some of which seemed impossible before.

For example, I honestly didn't think I could make even a simple web page, set up my domain name, get the payment system set up, create and conduct my first online challenge, and the list can go on and on.

On top of it all, I'm just shocked how some of my thinking has changed (especially when it comes to beliefs around money). Of course, there is always a way to improve, but I have experienced some true transformations in this area.

When you see all these results, you can't but feel this incredible excitement and a sense of progress.

Thank you very much for everything!"
Let's do this!
Investment : 6 payments of $1,000
or one payment of $5,000 (you save $1,000).