Whether you are launching a new business, program or online product, it is a mix of art and science.

When we create something new we bring our inner child with all of its creative energy, yet we also need to bring our adult to sift through the ideas and follow through on what makes the most sense right now. With support it's easier to manage the two: maintain focus, while enjoying the process.

If you’re on your own without one-on-one support, it's easy to hit roadblocks and get stuck.

"Accelerator with a Soul" is that one-on-one high touch support where we design and launch your new offering based on your values, your superpowers and lifestyle. We do it systematically, step-by-step, with soul and strong mindset work.
How Accelerator works:
The program is custom to your pace and schedule, so it might take anywhere between 6 and 9 months to build out all the systems.
Every other week (or 3 times/month) we'll meet via Zoom for our one-on-one session (depending on a week they may last 1-2 hrs).
The program is completely personalized to you to get you where you need to go, yet you feel that there is science as well as art.
Between our meetings, you will receive unlimited support and feedback via chat.
The program has a pace, yet it is flexible enough where you can take a break.
Accelerator will be the force that propels you forward and helps to stay focused.
A few words about me:
  • California-based, working globally
  • Heart centered entrepreneur, author, coach, mentor
  • MBA, BA Linguistics/Communication
  • Helped build one of the top agencies in the travel vertical from scratch (employee #3) into a successful multi-million dollar business with 40+ employees (Director of Strategy, Director of Product and Innovation)
  • Built multiple products and transformational programs in multiple languages including an impact travel marketplace featured in Forbes, BBC, National Geographic and The Guardian
  • Helped hundreds of women overcome doubt, gain confidence and make important steps towards their dreams through my Accelerator program for women starting new companies
  • Motivational speaker
  • Author of a self-published book (nearly 1,000 hard copies sold)
  • Mother of a very special human
  • Traveler who lived in 8 countries
What to expect?
We'll work on the big picture strategy as well as tactical implementation, all while removing any mindset roadblocks and getting into an alignment with you soul.
On the business side:
You'll gain clarity on WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHAT'S NEXT?

-What to launch (program/product design)

-Who (you'll get to know yourself and your audience)

-When is the right time to launch? (and what to do prior to it)

-Where (which marketing channels are most optimal for you and your unique strengths)

-How to best launch (from lead generation to enrollment without going crazy)

-What's next? (you'll learn to maintain relationships with your customers long-term, work with them again and again and have them as your champions no matter what next big thing you decide to launch)

You won't waste your energy on chaotic actions, instead doing what is right at the right time.
On the mindset side:
You'll understand your WHY and your WHY NOTs, free yourself from unnecessary beliefs that you are carrying and feel lighter

-You'll connect to your deeper WHY

-We'll discover and work with your points of resistance (limiting beliefs, fears and inner conflicts)

-You'll feel more confidence doing new actions that support your new beliefs

-You'll feel more congruency when selling and marketing your products and services

In short - we'll make sure your mindset is helping you, not slowing you down
Let's do this!
Investment : 3 payments of $1,990
or one payment of $4,990 (you save $980).